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Liquid cold plate
In today's most demanding applications, liquid cooling has become the choice of designers striving to manage the rising heat loads of high power electronics

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Blister Liquid Cold Plate

A traditional aluminium cold plate is characterized by an aluminium plate with channels inside optimized for fluid cooling.Creating channels inside an aluminium plate and sealing them to avoid leakage is not a cost-effective solution.zzcoolers Blister patent solution represents an important innovation in cold plate manufacturing.In the Blister cold plate channels for fluid cooling are obtained by brazing an aluminium stamped sheet onto a thick  aluminium plate.The thick plate forms the front side of the cold plate upon which the power devices are placed.The absence of channels inside means the plate is suitable for any drilling design.The stamped sheet forms the back of the cold plate.Stamping design is optimized to get the best cooling performance and the minimum pressure drop in the cooling fluid.The brazing process guarantees a sealed structure without leakage problems.100 % of our production is tested and certified leakage-free.This makes Blister a particularly cost-effective solution for high volume production.Once Blister stamping tooling is available this technology is cost effective for volume production. By using one or more sheets, the Blister can be adapted to fit customer base plate dimensions.This makes the Blister solution a flexible alternative to traditional technology. On request it is possible to use different options for cold plate fittings (position , type, size, quantity) to further improve the flexibility of our product.

Milled Liquid Cold Plate

Fluid channels are obtained by milling an aluminum plate.Channels are sealed by brazing another thin or thick aluminium plate onto it.Brazing technology guarantees perfect plate sealing, 100 % of production is tested.Devices can be placed anywhere on both  sides of the cold plate.Cold plate design is necessary to make channel paths compatible with drilling layout.Design is very flexible and can match nearly any size or thermal requirement.The current production ranges from under 30x30 mm to over 500x600 mm.Ideal for difficult geometries and shapes.Only a small amount of tooling is usually required, so it is suitable for limited volumes or prototypes.

HiContact  Liquid Cold Plate
This version is suitable when copper pipes are used instead of an aluminium wet channel (when special cooling fluids are required).In this situation embedding a copper pipe in an aluminum plate reduces weight and costs with respect to a full copper cold plate .Both sides of aluminium plate are milled and available for positioning devices.Cold plate design is necessary to avoid interference between copper pipe and drilling layout, it is not possible to bend pipes in complex or overlapping shapes.Sealing is guaranteed by 100 % production testing.

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